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Collateral Audits

Advantage of outsourcing factor, asset based and purchase order field exams with MSC:

  • Our field examiners have extensive operational experience and the ability to quickly identify problem areas and potential red flags.
  • Provide a customized computer generated report based on the lenders focus, at a cost effective rate.
  • MSC will assign auditors experienced in the specific industry for the company being audited.
  • All audit packages are reviewed by our audit manager and one of the Principals before the final report is released to the lender. Any review time performed by MSC management is completed without any extra charge.
Collateral Audits

Advantage of utilizing MSC’s Pre-Audit services:

MSC created a niche enabling lenders to expedite the field exam and increase the success rate of the loan approval process. These are prospects that the lender believes are viable customers but would fall short of obtaining credit approval due to certain deficiencies in back office, systems and supporting documentation.

MSC has demonstrated a success rate in improving the prospect’s infrastructure in the following:

  • Improving overall documentation and internal control
  • Developing shipping controls and support documentation
  • Updating books and records and proper monthly cutoffs
  • Bring current reconciliations, bank accounts, lenders statements, accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Provide inventory costing and margin analysis
  • Performed mock audits prior to the start of the lender’s own field exam

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